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Coastal Promotions is thrilled to announce our biggest international artist show to date, Coastal Promotions Presents: Turno (Auckland).

That’s right, Coastal Promotions in association with Chemistry Touring are bringing over one of the most sought after acts in the Drum and Bass scene. The man, the myth and the legend, Turno!!! Highly regarded as the most captivating act in Drum and Bass right now, Turno’s following has exploded in recent years. Known for his consistent collaborations with AMC and heart-stopping baselines, it has been a long time coming for Turno to grace us with his prescience in New Zealand. But as the saying goes, the time is now! Having recently sold out his “Time is Now -The Tour” across multiple stops in the UK, he will truly be bringing the heat as he takes this tour to Australia and New Zealand for the very first time.

Being the first leg outside of Australia, this will be his debut New Zealand performance! What better way to celebrate Anzac Day Eve than with one of the lords of Jump Up for his first time in our country. On support duties we have Coastal Promotions own Elisara & Shortball with local Auckland legend Ruces. All these acts have supported artists of similar calibre such as DC Breaks, Annix and Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Coastal Promotions Presents: Turno (Auckland)

Wednesday 24th April 2019 (Anzac Day Eve)
155B Karangahape Road, Auckland

Elisara (Coastal Promotions)
Shortball (Coastal Promotions)


Coastal Promotions Presents: Turno (Wellington)

Saturday 27th April 2019
San Fran, 171 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Chop’D UP
Hosted by Deluxe MC

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'Time waits for no man.'
...And this man has wasted no time!

Energetic, dedicated, passionate and fully self motivated by his hunger for success, this guy is setting new levels!

Having the full support and encouragement from some of the biggest players in the Drum & Bass scene, Turno is eternally grateful. After studying Music at College, attending University to study Music Technology and investigating the scene as much as he could – it really has spun him some favours. As much as he deserves every part of his success so far and the backing he has, he has a respectable, humble approach to his career. With his positive attitude having the biggest part to play in his success, Turno truly believes that you can have anything in life if you’re willing to work for it, and never stop until you have it. “I would rather try and fail than fail and have never tried”, says Turno - a quote that we should all live by if we believe we want something enough. Not being shy of hard work, Turno knows that nothing will happen in life unless you make it. Turno’s attitude to his life, career and overall genuine belief in never stopping until you have what you want, is truly inspiring.

Starting his DJ career early on at the age of fourteen, Turno was forced to choose Music Technology as an option at School after all the other subjects were taken. Little did he know back then this was probably the best decision of his life. Like most DJ's Turno started out with the very basics. Initially, starting his career by mixing with a pair of IMG Stage Line Belt Drive turntables in 2003 after buying them from a friend, along with five to six vinyl’s that saw Turno repeatedly play to practice his mixing technique. With the likes of 'Addicted to Bass' by Pure Tone and 'Keep ya Heads Ringing' by Dr. Dre constantly being blasted out by Turno (this is one of the few times that he would openly admit himself that he clanged his way through a set!), its no wonder his Mum went out and bought him something new to play, and these were to be the first drum & bass vinyl records that Turno would own; 'Blandwagon Poo's' by John B and 'Torture Chamber' by Friction. These two records alone potentially part created the artist that we now have in Turno.

Turno had set his goals high from the off. He never doubted how successful he would be; he knew with the right work ethic and correct attitude – he would undoubtedly get to where he wanted to be. When looking at his inspirations at the time, the likes of Hazard, Twisted Individual, G-Dub, Pleasure & Sly – these all had a big part to play in Turno’s mould, without them even knowing it Turno was quickly infiltrating himself into the same sub genre and little did they know that he would come through as quick as he has.

Hazard, for Turno, was the biggest motivational DJ/Producer that had the most influence on Turno. Perhaps not his mixing technique – Hazard has more structural definition on his beat matching, Turno emulates but through a different style of mixing; known for his robust, high energy sets with frequent edits to keep the listener engaged through drops that see him go through tune after tune after tune! When you experience a Turno set, you really feel that he has explored his genre well!

The beautiful thing about Turno is that he genuinely loves the people; he creates a journey for the listener. He reaches out with his music because he wants to intrigue people with his sound. Seeing the reaction to people listening to his music is what has really pushed him to move forward, this is why he started making beats in the first place; the people. Turno is a born entertainer, he is a performer and if you meet him, you will know why – his pleasant, respectful demeanour is enhanced with his quirky humour and playful antics.


Manchester's 'Number 1 Habibi' Bou is taking over the Drum and Bass world by storm! Bou (real name Amine Mohammed Bou) properly emerged on to the scene last year with his breakthrough tune ‘Poison’, turning many heads old and new. Bou and his soon to be fellow Souped Up label member Dutta collaborated to produce a diverse range of DnB, establishing themselves with their own signature sounds within Drum and Bass.

Once Bou had proven himself, he teamed up with Serum, Current Value and Souped Up Records to produce the 'Habibi EP. It skyrocketed to number one on Juno download and had everyone shellshocked, a short but assertive project which put his name on the map. Bou kicked off 2019 with a bang featuring alongside fellow newcomer 'Unglued' on Hospital Records 'Sick Music 2019' with the absolute tune “Ascendant Man”.

Bou is proud of owner of Diamond Audio and just recently released another EP with Critical Music, fronting Volume 15 of the Systems series. Packed with his trademark jump-up styles and heaters like 'Wine ya B' & 'Cat Women' this episode is an absolute gem. After being Nominated for Drum and Bass Arena's best newcomer, Bou is preparing for his biggest year yet. He has already been booked for Hospitality on the Beach and Rampage Open Air alongside Serum & T<I and Let it Roll.

Prepare yourselves as Bou brings his insane live show to New Zealand this May.